6 Ways Access to Broadband Will Make Our Lives Easier

May 20, 2016

Over the last six months, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio’s collaborative process has brought together stakeholders and industry leader to learn more about the process of transitioning to an all-IP network. As our state makes the change from outdated, copper wire technology to newer, high-speed Internet networks, the way we make and receive phone calls won’t change on the surface. But the advent of advanced networks across the state will bring with them new opportunities for Ohioans. Here are just a few ways our lives will be easier once this technology upgrade is completed:

We’ll be healthier. Widespread access to fast Internet connections, especially in rural areas, will make it easier for anyone, anywhere to access world-class health care when they need it. From streaming telemedicine check-ups to remote consultations with specialists around the world when we need them, broadband access will give Ohioans the tools they need to be healthy.

We’ll be connected to people all over the world. From video chatting with faraway friends and family to telecommuting or exposure to new cultures and new resources, broadband will help keep us more connected with those who matter most.

Our businesses will grow and create jobs more quickly. High-speed Internet access will allow our businesses to access new markets around the world, boosting Ohio’s economy and helping local businesses create more jobs.

We’ll be more productive. We all know that we’re most productive when we’re not waiting for snail-pace downloads and buffering video to get our jobs done. With access to high-speed Internet, the only thing holding Ohio workers back will be our skills and creativity.

We’ll be safer. Better access to broadband can help public safety personnel and first responders access information to prevent emergencies and respond more quickly when they occur. Broadband can also provide the public with new ways of calling for help and receiving emergency information.

We’ll be smarter. Online educational opportunities for every age group are quickly becoming the norm as colleges, adult education programs and even virtual elementary schools emerge. Once everyone has broadband access, no student will be limited in what they can learn by the expertise available in their school or local area.

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