Big Technology Trends to Look Out for in 2016

Feb 1, 2016

Drones – Despite a shaky 2015 after mandatory registration was implemented, more and more big players are entering the ring with projects or large-scale releases. Ford instituted a challenge to app developers to create a way to launch a drone from a moving Ford F-150 truck, have it assess an emergency situation, transmit that information back and then autonomously land back on the truck it launched from. GoPro will be launching its own drone, Karma, which can be used underwater as well.

Wearables – Although the Apple Watch has had a lukewarm response, activity monitoring has never been more popular, and the capabilities never more vast with better and better battery life. You can now check your blood pressure, glucose levels, sleep activity and more.

Self-driving cars – A concept that at the beginning of 2015 seemed still five years away accelerated from 0-60 in no time. Tesla introduced self-driving in certain situations then kicked off the year with self-parking and summoning software updates. Everyone is now taking aim and this year that acceleration could go even further than we ever imagined.

Internet of Things – We keep waiting to see when the IoT explosion will happen, but 2016 may be the turning point for your household appliances. The Consumer Electronics Show had a major uptick in upgrades, including a refrigerator that lets you know what needs to be on your shopping list.

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