December Update

Dec 22, 2015

7 Tech Gifts to Give or Get for the Holidays

Are you running around looking for the perfect holiday gifts to snag for your tech-obsessed friends and family? Look no further! We have you covered.

Amazon Echo – Play music, get traffic updates, turn off the lights and much more just by using your voice.
Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid – Snag the hottest toy from the biggest movie. Control the adorable droid with your smartphone or let it patrol your house on its own.
Phillips Hue Bulb Starter Kit – Take your home lighting to the next level with endless colors and every shade of white, or sync them with a movie or your wakeup time.
Nest Protect – The smoke alarm that sends alerts to your smartphone, including how severe and where it’s taking place, and also lets you stop the ear splitting with your phone.
Chromecast Audio – The new sibling to the original Chromecast, this plugs into your speaker to pair with your phone through Wi-Fi for easily listening to all your tunes.
Samsung Gear VR – Get in on virtual reality early with this headset (for certain Samsung phones only) that gives you a whole new perspective on TV, films, photos and more.
Apple iPad Pro – Splurge for the creative with this 12.9″ tablet that includes a stylus for dynamic drawing

Technology for Safe Winter Driving

We get more than our fair share of winter in Ohio, which means plenty of dangerous conditions on the roads. Lately, there’s been a wealth of new in-car technology to help keep you and yours safe, so keep a lookout for these features (and more) when buying a new car—or you might already have them and not know it.

Forward collision avoidance systems – The car can alert you when a collision is imminent or even brake for you.
Adaptive headlights – Lights redirect to where you’re headed, which is incredibly helpful for nighttime drives in the snow.
Electronic stability control – Braking is automatically applied to individual wheels to correct sliding.
Seat belt pretensioners – Using information from the car’s brake and stability sensors, the belt removes slack to better position the driver or passenger for a collision.
Heated windshield wipers – Visibility is everything in a snowstorm, and these wipers stay warm to melt away anything frozen blocking your view.

Our Technology Predictions for 2016

The evolution of technology never stops, and for the coming year we’ll be watching what develops for the following areas closely as they all are of incredibly importance for Ohioans.

Agriculture — Unmanned drones and robots capable of planting seeds, fertilizing ground and providing analytics for farmers will move to the mainstream. The agBOT Challenge launches in May to directly address this and features two Ohio universities, Case Western Reserve and Ohio State!
Healthcare — Big data and electronic records are known game changers, but this year virtual reality will come to the forefront for pain treatment. VR already is closing in on capturing the world’s attention, and after years of research this method could save on typical remedies such as narcotics.
Education — It’s always been the case that students have learned everything, save a few field trips, within the classroom. We think the walls will start to come down in 2016 and opportunities to communicate with other schools, other students about shared interests and subject matter and with professionals for in-depth insight will take a big step forward. This will be even easier in Ohio, where H.B. 64 provided telecommunications companies the freedom needed to innovate and provide greater access to everyone. Technology is in all of our lives all the time, and nowhere is it more important to stay up to speed than in our schools.

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