New Video: Live, Work, Play

Mar 24, 2014

Video explores the history of our internet usage… and the future.

Technology for Ohio’s Tomorrow released a new web video today focused on explaining how the broadband of the future will support our ever increasing demand for data.  This video is just another means by with Technology for Ohio’s Tomorrow is carrying out its mission to educate the public and policymakers on how important Broadband infrastructure is to our daily lives.

“We want to remind the viewer how far we’ve come in Internet usage,” explained Executive Director Nathan Slonaker. “We want people to know all these new devises don’t run on magic; there’s an infrastructure that must be invested in and maintained to make every device we use work.”

“Live, Work, Play”, covers some of the same material as Technology for Ohio’s Tomorrow earlier publication: the “Broadband Cheat Sheet” guide. That guide explained the transition from dial-up to broadband Internet access, how broadband technology affects different aspects of our daily lives, and the ongoing investment in broadband networks to keep pace with increasing demand.

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