Our Focus

2015 Legislative Priorities

Technology for Ohio’s Tomorrow (TOT) is dedicated to public education and advocacy supporting technology policies that will promote growth and innovation, improve the lives of Ohioans, and move our state toward a better and more prosperous future.
In 2015, TOT will focus on the following areas that will benefit from technology-friendly policies and advancements: agriculture, economic development, education, healthcare, broadband and high-speed internet.


H.B. 46 – To enact sections 113.50, 113.51, 113.52, 113.53, 113.54, 113.55, 113.56, 113.57, 113.58, and 113.59 of the Revised Code to require the Treasurer of State to establish the Ohio State Government Expenditure Database.

S.B. 32 (Tavares) – Ensures that the Medicaid program does not exclude coverage for a Telemedicine service solely because the service does not have a face-to-face consultation component and establishes a system to monitor Telemedicine services to Medicaid recipients to ensure quality control.