Broadband internet access (often shortened to just broadband) refers to high-speed internet access. Broadband includes both wired internet connections and wireless connections using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Demand placed on our broadband infrastructure is increasing. According to a 2012 study, there are almost twice as many internet-connected devices as there are human beings on the planet. By 2017, that ratio is expected to increase to three devices for each human, and internet traffic will almost double.

It is critical for Ohio’s broadband infrastructure to be upgraded to keep pace with this rising demand. Broadband adoption improves the quality of life for Ohioans in countless ways, from access to better educational opportunities and healthcare to driving economic growth. Currently Ohio is #39 out of the fifty states in TechNet’s ranking of “indicators of broadband adoption, network quality, and economic structure,” behind all neighboring states except Kentucky.

For more information about what broadband is and how it works, see our guide.