Economic Development

To be nationally and globally competitive, Ohio should aggressively promote the growth of a technology economy. This means creating a climate that attracts technology companies to the Buckeye state and then allows them to thrive, create jobs and prosper for generations to come. The technology sector of the American economy is a proven and consistent job creator which is continuing to grow. Studies show that the transition from 2G to 3G mobile wireless alone created over 1.5 million jobs, and even during the recent recession, investments in wireless broadband technology created 1.6 million new jobs nationwide.

Policies which promote growth in the technology sector take a variety of forms; from improvements in broadband internet infrastructure to providing venture capital funding or small business loans to tech start-ups. When there is investment in tech development, when modern and effective infrastructure is put in place, and when government clears the way for enterprise by providing regulatory relief and necessary approval for proposed development, the result is a formula for diverse economic growth.