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Broadband Cheat Sheet

fiber-broadbandTechnology for Ohio’s Tomorrow’s Cheat Sheet is your guide to broadband and telecommunications in Ohio. The three-page infographic provides a visual explanation of the different kinds of broadband (wireless and wired). It also shows why investment in next-generation broadband networks is important. Key Ohio broadband statistics and telecom/broadband terminology 101 are also included.

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Incentive to invest in Ohio Broadband & The Carrier of Last Resort Obligation

Reducing the carrier of last resort burden borne by Ohio’s incumbent local exchange carriers would allow capital expenditures to flow to their highest and best use. Evidence indicates that by reducing the carrier of last resort burden (COLR), expanded investment in broadband infrastructure would be encouraged and benefit Ohio’s economy. The authors provide evidence that a robust telephone service market exists, showing competition among many carriers and between many technologies. The end‐user demand for broadband is strong and development of a broadband infrastructure is believed to be of critical importance to economic growth. Economic theory and findings of applied research indicate that continued regulation of the telephone market undermines the advancement of optimal societal investment in broadband.

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