H.B. 123 (Health insurance-cover telehealth services)

Telehealth services help patients connect to healthcare professionals remotely through the use of a broadband connection. Examples of telehealth services include remote home monitoring as a supplement to home nursing visits, or a consultation with a physician conducted with a webcam. Telehealth is an expanding sector of the health care industry and is especially beneficial for people living in rural areas or others who would find it inconvenient to travel to a hospital or doctor’s office. Ohio’s Medicaid reimbursement standards should reflect the usefulness and increasing importance of these services.

H.B. 262 (Ohio Government Telecommunications Service- broadcast House standing committee hearings)

H.B. 262 proposes that all committee meetings in the Ohio House of Representatives be streamed online. Although floor sessions of the House and Senate and meetings of the House budget committee are already streamed online, this bill would ensure that all meetings by standing House committees would be shown online. Since the state already has the necessary equipment and staff to do the streaming broadcasts, the hearings could be streamed without significant additional expense for taxpayers. This legislation shows just one way that greater technology adoption can make the processes of government more accessible and help our government to work better for all of us.

S.B. 204 (Driver’s license-online renewal)

S.B. 204 aims to save Ohioans the inconvenience of a notoriously irksome bureaucratic hassle: going to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Ohioans must currently renew their driver’s licenses at the BMV every five years. This bill would allow drivers over the age of 21 to renew their driver’s licenses online at every other deadline, meaning the trip to the BMV would only be necessary half as often – once per decade. This proposal is a common-sense application of technology being used to make government more efficient and minimize the inconvenience of its intrusions into our daily lives.