Pro-Broadband and High-Speed Internet Language Closer to Becoming Law

Jun 3, 2015

As you may know, Technology for Ohio’s Tomorrow (TOT) has long advocated for pro-technology legislation at the Ohio Statehouse and beyond. With the Governor’s introduction of H.B. 64, crucial language has been included to ensure that telecom companies can freely invest in Broadband and High-Speed Internet infrastructure across our state. Since its introduction, this legislation has passed the House Floor and is now being deliberated in the Ohio Senate. During deliberations in the Ohio House, TOT submitted a letter of support for H.B. 64 and is continuing to express continued support to the Governor and lawmakers in the Ohio Senate. H.B. 64 is slated to pass the Ohio Senate and be signed by the Governor later this month.

The Ohio Telecom Association and other proponents testified in support of this measure during the Senate Finance Workforce Subcommittee hearing last month, but TOT members and supporters also help our effort. Please visit and sign our petition to pass this important legislation.

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