TOT needs your help: Tell the Ohio Legislature to support H.B. 64

Jun 16, 2015

If you read the Columbus Dispatch, you might have noticed an article by Tim Feran today, entitled, “Ohio budget would let phone companies end landlines.” Many pieces of this article, right down to the title, were misleading and downright wrong.

TOT, a coalition of startup companies, consumers, chambers of commerce and other entities with an interest in Ohio’s future as a technology hub, has supported H.B. 64 during this legislative session with one goal in mind: an Ohio wherein people in every corner of the state have better, faster Internet access.

But even in this, the old adage holds true—you can’t take it with you. For companies to invest in building the networks of the future, we have to stop forcing them to pour money into maintaining the sub-par technologies of the past. Let’s be clear: that doesn’t mean that landlines will go away—it simply means that technology delivering landline service will change to modern VoIP delivery.

We want to set the record straight on some of the false claims made by this article today—if you agree, please tell the Ohio legislature to support H.B. 64 here:


Claim: This bill will allow phone companies to end landline service

Fact: This bill will allow phone companies to change the way they deliver landline service—from copper wire, which can only carry phone calls—to new technology that can deliver the same phone service, plus faster internet connections.

Claim: This bill will take phone service away from the elderly, low-income households, and those in underserved, rural areas.

Fact: Not only will these new technologies be able to provide the same voice service that everyone is used to, it will also allow the elderly, low-income households and those in underserved, rural areas better access to high-speed Internet connections. Broadband internet access is the most important tool we have today in communicating with loved ones, seeking educational opportunity, growing businesses and ensuring Ohio has a bright future.

Claim: This bill is supported only by large phone companies.

Fact: TOT is a coalition of startups, consumers, small businesses, chambers of commerce and other interested in ensuring that Ohio has a bright future as a technology hub. If Ohio truly wants to lead other states and compete with the coasts in this respect, we must ensure that innovators have access to the best Internet service available. That’s why TOT has supported H.B. 64 since it was introduced.

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